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When I was about 8 we had a bouncy little headmaster who loved popping into classrooms unexpectedly, giving class a little lecture, then popping out again, leaving the slightly flummoxed teacher to pick up the threads of whatever he/she had been teaching us.

I remember once the head bounced in and asked the class "Can anyone tell me who wrote Kingsley's Westward Ho ?" Well, like probably ALL my classmates' I'd never heard of it - but - a penny dropped, and I managed the right answer!

But the MAIN thing I remember, after 60+ years, was the day he came in and taught us all how to talk. Just because it is spelt "says", he said, DOESN'T mean you have to pronounce it SAZE. . . . And he wrote in huge letters on the blackboard, simply - S E Z. THAT''s how you pronounce it, he informed us all.

Oh dear, obviously Gordon Brown was not in this class - and gee, coincidence!? - neither was Jeremy Corbyn(sp?). I **CRINGE** whenever I hear them, or anyone, using saze. :( :(

Oh, and don't get me started on stress . . . it seems ALL of UK has switched to putting emphasis on FIRST SYLLABLE almost everywhere - so conTRIBute has universally become CONtribute, disTRIBute is now DIStribute. Oh, I'm so glad I'm scheduled to leave this mortal coil sometime in the next few decades. ;)

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Guilty as charged!!!


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Should we agree what EK SAZE :lol:

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