Trash Emptied, Spammers Deleted!

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Post by LadyAngel »

Once again, because of the greedy, brain-dead spammers, who actually DO think that people want to read their trash, we've had to overhaul the forums and delete the member-base. If you have been deleted unintentionally, you may sign up again, but now all new registrations must be approved by the site admin before being allowed to post.

We are now operating a zero-tolerance strategy...we have the facilities now to trace all IP addresses and will report EACH AND EVERY crime to the relevant ISP's and the FBI.

We have been successful in the past of helping to close down ENTIRE SERVERS who have allowed spam websites to be hosted, and will not think twice about doing this again and again.

If you spam, you will not be entitled to privacy! You WILL have your personal details released to anyone and everyone that can help to stop you, you WILL face our spammers hall of shame for everyone to see, and you WILL have your account permanently suspended.

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A list of spammer usernames & email addy's!

Post by Jamjar »

I'm having a spring clean on spammers, I will be deleting this trash as time permits! This will have an effect on the members list and "Active Members Statistics", they're cluttering up me forums, so I am armed with a deadly feather duster! :lol:

Ooooh! look at the muck! :lol:

If there are other forum admin persons out there, then please make use of this list:


I have seen some of the above usernames on other forums too!
Nothing to look at here :)

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