RULES - Please Read Before Posting!

Please read here first for posting rules, and any new announcements.
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RULES - Please Read Before Posting!

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We are endevouring to make these forums child-friendly, so please note the following restrictions when you post. We will not tolerate:

Abbreviated language, such as p m s l and worse
Blasphemy (e.g. O M G)
Sexually related content or language
Abuse toward other members and the site admins
Spamming, including spam and affiliate links in signatures
Any other behaviour that is offensive and/or intimidating toward any other member
Hate-related content
Any other 'ism'

If there are things we have failed to include, we rely on our members to understand exactly what is offensive and what we will permit. If you have any queries, please ask before you post.

Any member found to be posting or acting inapropriately will be either warned or banned, depending on the offence. Serious offenders will be reported to the authorities.