Other supermarkets, such as M&S, Ocado, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl etc.
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Post by Jamjar » Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:05 pm

I thought Ocado was an independant supermarket, but apparently not! They are in fact, some sort of confusing service for Waitrose, as quoted from their forums:
WaitroseDeliver and Ocado are part of a range of services designed to make shopping at Waitrose even easier. You can order online and choose groceries direct from your local store, or choose from the selection available from our partner Ocado.
So, you can buy Waitrose groceries from an Ocado site?!?!

Yet another confused Waitrose shopper:
I am also equally confused!! I have become a big ocado fan recently but I placed a large order, around £100, on the ocado website last night to find this morning that I have £15 vouchers from waitrose direct?!!! Ahhh if I had known that I was going to be sent vouchers from waitrose deliver (which I didn't think existed!) I would not have ordered from Ocado!!! Unfortunatley, the vouchers will run out before I have got through the £100 worth of food!!

I just though Ocado was waitrose home delivery and obviously it isn't - I do wish Waitrose would try and keep it simple so us shoppers know what we are doing!!!

Hmmm, the plot thickens! Anyhow, here's an even easier explanation:
Thank you for your comments. Ocado is a Partner company that provides Waitrose products via home delivery. It is a separate company to John Lewis and Waitrose and has it's own board of Director's and staff. The differences as stated previously is that they solely provide groceries via delivery, there are no Ocado shops. (Italics ours)
Waitrose Deliver offer all that is in your local store including fresh fish and meat from the service counter to fresh cream cakes from the Patisserie department.
Please give us a call in Waitrose Customer Service on 0800 188884 next time you would like to place an order and we can provide you with another offer code.
This bloke hit the nail on the head:

It is rather daft the situation that Waitrose has got themselves into. I don't choose to use either Tesco or Sainbury's online, but I don't believe that they would get themselves into a situation where they had themselves and another company offering their products on line. JLP really should close one or the other as their is little obvious benefit to consumers, just confusion.

You can say that again Battersea Tom :D

And from another poster:

Just thought that that I should tell you there is an unmet market up here in Scotland where neither Waitrose nor Ocado exist or deliver at all. I'm sure your researches tell you that this market amounts to my friends and me, and we are not going to cover your costs, but 'Cook' manages to supply frozen food by post, 'Loch Fyne' and 'Sleepy Hollow' send out fish all over the country, and 'Dukeshill' posts out cooked meats etc, to our great satisfaction. And these are a mere sample of grocers covering this ground...... so it can be done.

But if you can't help, please stop sending me emails telling me what great food I can get from Waitrose!

So, Waitrose and Ocado don't like Scotland! Hmmm, not good! I honestly can't see Waitrose lasting very long, they are obviously trying to upmarket everyone with their very expensive products and packaging!

....and finally from the same quoted thread:
I am quite frustrated that I have to use Ocado when I have a Waitrose in my area. Waitrose deliver the full range of their products whereas Ocado have a much smaller range. I can rarely find enough stuff I want to make up the £40 minimum charge, whereas I could easily manage that on the Waitrose online shopping site.

I was told that because Ocado deliver in my area, I have to use them and not Waitrose

There seems to be a level of snobbery on the Waitrose forums as some posters would rather travel 40/50 mins drive to their "nearest" Waitrose than use a horrible Tesco or Sainsbury's supermarket! :rolleyes:

You can check out the quoted Waitrose thread here.

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