Wolf Blass Yellow Label Moscato, a 5% vol. weak wine?

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Wolf Blass Yellow Label Moscato, a 5% vol. weak wine?

Post by Jamjar »

Alright, forgive my ignorance, but I thought this would be a good bottle of plonk from a well known wine maker, but apparently, it can be used as an aperitif or an after dinner dessert drink and as it's only 5% volume I can now understand why. However, buying wine online at some supermarkets, they fail to supply vital information like the volume content and why is it important? Well, it may not well be to other people, but it is to me as I like to buy booze as an relaxant, so the higher the volume, the quicker it gets me to that higher plane of ssssiiiiigggghhhh!!!! :yes: So supermarkets, inform me please of volumes on bottles of plonk as it is VERY important to me. Sainsbury's may be the only ones who does this and they give info on the wine itself which is a very good selling point with me. I haven't looked at Morrisons, Waitrose or ocados for wine info :hmm:

Anyhow, the Moscato label reads:
A delicately flavoured Moscato from selected vineyards in South Australia, the heartland of Wolf Blass. Made from Muscat Gordo Blanco, this wine displays lovely aromas of citrus and musk. Refreshing and lightly spritzed, serve chilled.
I must admit that it would be nice to have in as an aperitif or an after dinner dessert, but not for a night's relaxation period :winksmile:
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