The Next Bid?

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The Next Bid?

Post by Jamjar » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:00 pm

Got this whilst researching a merchant for advertising banners on these forums:
SIGN UP BONUS: The Next Bid reverse auction offers a VIP program that rewards bonus points for each purchased membership package. The most popular VIP package is 50 VIP Credits at £50 with 5 bonus points. The biggest bonuses come with higher priced VIP memberships. For instance, 500 VIP Credits earns you 175 Bonus Credits, 750 VIP Credits generates 300 Bonus Credits and 1000 VIP Credits earns you 500 Bonus Credits.
The Next Bid also extends 3 Bonus Credits to anyone that refers a friend.
There are 6 winners per auction in this reverse auction. Whoever has the unique low bid takes the lot but the five runner-ups do earn bonus points. In fact, 100 Bonus Credits are rewarded to the first runner up of each auction.

NUMBER OF AUCTIONS: The Next Bid has roughly 40 live unique low bid auctions at any given time. Items up for grabs can include things like an iPhone, a Mini Cooper Convertible, an iPod Nano, a Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, laptop computers and bid credits. Each auction displays the item’s market value, the cost per bid, auction rules (i.e. maximum number of bids allowed) and the auction’s end date.

Some products being auctioned are also available in a “Buy Now” express auction where you simply pay the seller’s fee rather than placing a bid hoping for the unique low bid. This is particularly good if you find the seller’s fee reasonable and don’t wish to go through the bidding cycle. Some people just don’t like the gamble associated with unique low bid auctions. The possibility of spending money and coming away with nothing frightens most people. So they are willing to pay a flat fee, set by the seller, and forsake the chance of scoring a bargain in a reverse auction.

EASE OF NAVIGATION: Site navigation is fairly similar to the navigation of Bidster. There is a navigation menu on the right side of the page enabling members to click links to view ongoing auctions, closed auctions, add funds or refer a friend who may be interested in unique low bid auctions.
The site keeps a running tally of your available VIP and Bonus Credits. This information is good to monitor as you browse the lots and consider bidding. You are able to develop a bidding strategy without having to scan information from scattered sources.

There is a Feedback Section where members can rate their experiences with The Next Bid’s reverse auctions. Email support is available but not really visibly promoted on the website. The FAQ section is basic and similar to other sites in the reversed auction/unique low bid realm. Same general questions with the same answers. Delivery of goods is 1-3 weeks following the paid invoice and The Next Bid will provide notification in the event of any delay with a full explanation of the circumstances.

OVERALL RATING: The Next Bid is very similar to Bidster but has the edge on Bidster when it comes to the number of ongoing auctions. It is also different from Bidster and other reverse auction sites as it offers both unique low bid auctions and express “Buy Now” auctions. This reviewer actually enjoys Bidster and Auctionair more than The Next Bid but can’t argue the fact that The Next Bid has features and strengths in areas where those sites could use a little improvement. Got the link from here
Does anyone have any dealings with them? Are they really that good? Any comments would be greatly appreciated :ok:

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