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Budget Insurance

Post by LadyAngel »

If I want to cancel insurance of any kind I should not have to pay a fee for the privilege. Not so with Budget. After receiving a letter telling us we were being charged £15 for not returning signed papers we had no idea we were supposed to return, we decided to cancel our home insurance with them. They then told us we would be charged a £45 cancellation fee for doing so, even though we had not even signed the agreement.

We have had various insurance policies for different things over the years, and several times have cancelled ones if we have found a better deal elsewhere. No-one else has charged us a cancellation fee for doing so. We were told in no uncertain terms via telephone to pay up or else (or words to that effect). Bear in mind that you are entering into a loan credit agreement when you sign up for insurance. We had no idea about this, naively or not, and would never use this company again.

At the time of writing this, their website terms and conditions give no indication of any of these fees, which in my opinion is very bad form. They should be made clear so people can make an informed decision before they go through the quote process.

We were told this info was in the small print in the documents we didn't sign!

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Post by Jamjar »

Budget now wants £76.83p off us now Image

Now see if you can spot the mistake, lol:

Premium due £16.83p
Cancellation Fee £45.00p
Total Outstanding £76.83p

The true sum should be as goes:

Premium due £16.83p
Cancellation Fee £45.00p
Total Outstanding £61.83p

And the amount which we will send them will be:

£00.00p :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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