Naughty Halifax!

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Naughty Halifax!

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I just found a great website that has complaints about real companies from real customers, here's a complaint from one unhappy customer about our beloved bank, the Halifax:
I am adding this to a list of complaints against banks which I hope will eventually reach a swelll that drowns their CEO bonuses until practice changes.

My husband was made redundant two years ago. Since that time we have been trying to survive on his supply teaching while I finish a degree so I can also re enter the workplace better qualified. Our bank Halifax is one of the most manipulative sources of bad practice I have ever seen. Won't bore with details. Here's the point. My husband is paid EVERY Friday for his supply teaching. Yesterday, Thursday, our account was overdrawn by 4.00. We could not move money from another account with the SAME BANK that was in credit because the bank had put a block on this account and made it 'enquiry only online'. The electronic letter promptly arrived this morning (the day my husband's wage was paid in by CHAPS payment at midnight LAST night) that they would be charging me 35.00. I want that 35.00 charge dropped.

Much more than that, having working in the conveyancing department of a solicitors where CHAPS payments are made all day every day, I would like someone like Watchdog to name and shame ALL financial institutions who tie up the individual's money for DAYS while they trade with that money under the guise of 'it takes x working days ' (a term that goes back to horse and carriage days). Anyone who works in a CHAPS oriented industry KNOWS that those payments are located to the MINUTE when you close a conveyancing deal... COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE publicise this process -- the banks in effecgt besides getting massive handouts from us now that are visible - continue to take these INVISIBLE handouts of free money to trade on while it stays ' under the radar'..... if enough people knew this, we coiuld probably do something lovely like bring down the Chancellor's Downing Street website (oh dear - its off the radar) until SOMEONE with some accountability stops robbing the man on the street. Juist a thought
The website is called

Unfortunately, with this type of complaint and many like it, it just falls on deaf ears, we've tried ....for years. Our corrupt government help the corrupt banks, in turn the corrupt banks help the corrupt government and we've all seen evidence of this via "The Credit Crunch" where the corrupt banks have billions given to them by our beloved corrupt government! :rolleyes:
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