Honest Sales People..a Dying Breed???

Discuss companies/suppliers for landlines and mobile phones. Who's the best, who's the worst and why?
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Honest Sales People..a Dying Breed???

Post by Moony »

I got a call from my current ISP wanting to convince me to stay.

The guy I spoke to said that as I had paid them extra for superfast broadband , switching to an ISP that uses a phone line rather than cable I would expect my speed to drop dramatically.

When I told him that my current broadband speed was actually slower than the speed of the broadband I had previously and that my mum's broadband speed is faster than mine via a phone line and she lives in the same block of flats...he got the hump and didn't sound nearly as smiley as he did at the beginning of the call.

If their product is really so much better than their competitors' product I don't see the need to lie about it...or is it just me that cares about the customer service I deliver??
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Post by Jamjar »

I know what you mean, some sales people DO lie and others have no idea of their products. Honest sales peeps are certainly a dying breed, product knowledge is VERY important, why else brag about your stuff if you don't know it's up to scratch! :rolleyes:
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Post by ChapterWho? »

I recently switched my gas & electric supplier, following a sales pitch at the door. The unit rate was considerably cheaper. What the rep didn't mention was that the standing charges of the new supplier are a heck of a lot dearer!
Partly my fault, I guess, for not asking. But.... anyway, I'm switching again soon.

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