Scottish Power report me on TrustPilot!

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Scottish Power report me on TrustPilot!

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I thought I'd give Scottish Power a bad review because of the bad service they have given us:

My last letter to SP

Account Number: 1609xxxxxxx

03 March 2020 The amount now due for payment is £131.88.
06 March 2020 The amount now due for payment is £275.45.
06 March 2020 The amount now due for payment is £185.36.

When I phoned SP about this huge bill (06 March 2020 The amount now due for payment is £275.45), I was assured that we would be free to go to SSE by around the 20 March 2020, yet another lie. You keep sending us bills for ridiculous amounts for small amounts of time that it would be impossible for us to build up that amount. You have breeched our contracts, broken promises and appointments and still you keep sending us bills and requests for meter readings. WE HAVE SENT YOU A FINAL METER READING and STILL you hold us to ransom. YOU are breaking the law. We will NOT send any further meter readings or pay anymore extortionate bills! Scottish Power is THE worst power company we have ever had to deal with.

If you do not switch us over to SSE then I will have to report you to Ofgem. I will not use your complaints procedure, as quite simply, I find you wholly untrustworthy.

You have one week to respond!

Yours VERY angrily,


Low and behold, that did the trick. But I'm still far from happy, I will still report them to the Ombudsman AND Ofgem. I want to see this company lose their license to operate. Do NOT use their complaints procedure as it's a farce, you will get nowhere, Complain to the ombudsman and then Ofgem, the way this company has treated their customers is wholly disgusting! Warn everyone to keep well away from scottish power!
ScottishPower's reason for reporting
The review contains offensive language that is accusatory and defamatory.
I wonder why they reported me? :angelnot: