Spammer wants me money!

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Spammer wants me money!

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Ooh don't you just love 'em? :D
I will want you to know that this Cheque will be sent to you Via DHL You are to make this payment via WESTERN UNION with these listed payment details,So that delivery can commence.

Insurance Charges: $150 USd
DHL Delivery Charges:$100 USd
Total Amount to be sent: $250Usd

So you are to make the payment of $250Dollars for the delivery of your check with this payment details below:-

Receiver Name: Mr Richard Lane.
Receiver Address: #10 Old Obasanjo Road Lagos, Nigeria 234-7084736026.

You are to send the necessary details via e-mail to this e-mail:-

Name: Mr Richard Lane

Once you forward the necessary details to the Representative Mr Bob Martins and once your payment is been confirmed by them they will issued your Tracking Number.

Sender's Name:,
Sender's Address:,
Amount To be Sent:
Text Question to be used:WHO CAN HELP US?
Text Answer:OUR LORD ONLY.
Money Transfer Control Number(M.T.C.N).

Make sure you send to then the payment information which was given to you via WESTERN UNION.

Yours faitfull
Greg Allen
Hmmm, I must hurry and come up with $250, which works out approx. £120! They never mentioned how much me cheque's gonna be! :frown: Would ya reckon? I mean, it could be for a million bucks! :rolleyes:

So a complete stranger from Nigeria wants me to send 'em some dosh using Western Union, hmmm!

3 words:

Western Union :rofl:

I will do all that, when ebay become a fair auction site! :lol:
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