The LAW is after YOU, spammers!

If you have been spammed, post details here. Anyone who spams these forums will have their personal details posted here, including their IP address, real or false.
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The LAW is after YOU, spammers!

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Spammer facing 26-year jail term

Spam jitters?

One of the world’s most prolific spammers is facing up to 26 years in jail and a fine of around £300,000, after pleading guilty to electronic mail fraud, mail fraud, and not filing a tax return in 2005.
Robert Soloway, a 28-year-old from Seattle, is believed to have made over $300,000 (£150,000) from his spam business in the year that he failed to file, although his lawyers have insisted that the man is now essentially broke.

157m angry men

Soloway stood accused of using Chinese ISPs and a botnet of computers to send out spam to a staggering database of more than 157 million email addresses.
In prison since being arrested for his crimes, Soloway is now likely to receive jail time and a hefty fine, which could send a message to spammers everywhere that clogging up our internet connections is not without risk.

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That's right spammers, we're watching you! :makefun:

And they CAN read this thread too, ENJOY! :p
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