Using shoutbox commands

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Using shoutbox commands

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There are a few commands that you can use in the shoutbox to interact with other members. For instance, if I were to post the following commands to Jamjar, this would be the result:

/cheers Jamjar - LadyAngel cheers up Jamjar with a hug!
/confused - LadyAngel is confused
/cry - LadyAngel is crying
/happy - LadyAngel is happy
/happyfor Jamjar - LadyAngel is happy for Jamjar!
/hugs Jamjar - LadyAngel hugs Jamjar
/loves Jamjar - LadyAngel loves Jamjar
/lurking - LadyAngel is lurking
/scared - LadyAngel is scared
/slaps Jamjar - LadyAngel slaps Jamjar!
/sleepy - LadyAngel is sleepy

So, some you would enter the username you want to interact with, some are just for you.