Flash Element TD - some tips

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Flash Element TD - some tips

by Eagle_Kiwi » Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:19 am

This is a very smooth TD game. A good length, and resources accumulate at a good rate to let you build up progressively until the last few levels are dynamite.

I've spent months at this game - it's intriguing to try figuring out the best options. MY best score has been 35000, but I've seen Debbie (in Ohio) score 45118 on it, back in 2010!

Anyway, work out your own strategy, but here (FWIW) are some pointers that I've decided on:

OVERLAP TOWERS - If you're steady you can overlap your towers, which later on allows more grunt to be positioned in the best places.

USE of WOOD Resource - I believe early rounds upping your interest rate means HEAPS more income later on. My schedule:
After wave 7: Increase interest rate 10% to 15%
After wave 14: Increase interest rate 15% to 20%
After wave 21: Research WATER
After wave 28: Research EARTH
After wave 25: Research FIRE.

AIR ROUNDS - I reckon just base everything on LAND defence until an actual AIR wave. Then for that simply build enough AIR towers to deal with it, then SELL THEM immediately after! With high interest rates your money is far better in the bank than invested in expensive towers not actually in use.
AIR waves are only every 8-10 rounds. I think this is ALL of them:-
Wave 8 - needs 3 x Air-1's (well-positioned, of course!) - $36 total cost
Wave 17 - needs 4 x A3 - $184
Wave 27 - needs aprox 5 x A3 - $260 (by this time you probably have some WATER Towers too. If not, maybe you need six A3's!?)

ARROWS - I never use Arrows. If I'm defending land then I figure Cannons are far more effective, and if defending air, well, see previous point.

ROCKETS - They're bliss! (Oh but you still need lots of them, e.g. a dozen?, near the end.)

SELLING TOWERS - You always get back *75%* of their total cost.