A smart home could be an energy-saving home?

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A smart home could be an energy-saving home?

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I recently discovered the joys of having smart bulbs in my home. I've already used smart plugs, which are great. If you forget to turn off anything before you go out, you can just turn them off remotely via your internet connection.

Some months ago I came across an offer on Amazon that came with 2 Alexa dots and a Philips smart bulb for £30. Sadly, the offer is no more, but I'm a sucker for a bargain and snatched it up. I love technology but hadn't heard of smart bulbs before, but the fact that a lot of them can be controlled via Alexa or your Google Nest was a big plus for me.

Now I'm hooked! It was so easy to set up, and if I wake up through the night, before I even get out of bed I can just ask Alexa to turn on the light at, say, 10% so I'm not blinded!

Of course, once my 2 lads got a whiff of this, they decided they wanted one, too, for their bedrooms. They picked ones that have colour-changing options, which made me very jealous!

Anyway, the energy ratings on these bulbs seem very good, and I imagine (but don't quote me on this) that they use even less if dimmed down considerably.

If you fancy trying them, visit Amazon (affiliate link) and search for your favourites!
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